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Session #4: Business Brokers (Guest Edition)

Session #4: Business Brokers (Guest Edition)


Buying a business? Brace yourself for a reality check: you will almost certainly have to engage with business brokers. Here’s why and how you can navigate these vital interactions.

Business brokers are the gatekeepers of all that juicy cash-flow you’re chasing.

That’s why having the ability to foster productive relationships with brokers is critical to your search.

Our goal in today’s session is to peel back the curtain and give you a glimpse into the whacky world of business brokering, providing you insights, tools and tactics necessary to source high-quality businesses from brokers.

In today’s session, we bring you insights from two veteran and heavy-hitting business brokers, Clint Fiore and Ed Mysogland.

Welcome to the fourth session of this free business buying masterclass.

Guest Introductions

BUSINESS BROKER The Value Builder System™ Helps Indiana Business Advisors  Sell 80% of Listings | The Value Builder System™

Ed Mysogland, the managing partner of Indiana Business Advisors (IBA), is a renowned business broker with a rich career spanning nearly three decades.

Follow Ed on Twitter:

Clint Fiore CM&AP, M&AMI Business Broker Profile - BizBuySell

Clint Fiore, the founder and CEO of the Texas-based Bison Business, is a dynamic business broker boasting a unique blend of entrepreneurial, executive leadership, and high-tech systems expertise.

Follow Clint on Twitter:

The Business Buying Masterclass
Business Buying Masterclass Podcast
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