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Session #6: Structuring the Deal

Session #6: Structuring the Deal

Knowing the Difference Between Buying Assets and Buying Equity

In today’s session, we’ll cover (arguably) the most important business buying topic:

How to structure your deal!

So, you want to buy a “business”? Exciting stuff!

But, what exactly does that mean? That is, what are you actually buying and why?

It may seem obvious, but maybe not.

Our goal in today’s session is to cover how to structure your deal. That is, how to determine what you’re going to buy, what you’re NOT going to buy, and why! 

And to answer those questions, we have to talk about structure.

In this session, we’ll focus on the two most common business buying structures: asset and equity (stock) deals.

It’s possible, however, that you’ll need a more complicated structure, such as a merger, reverse triangular merger or similar. These structures are rare for SMB M&A transactions, so it’s beyond the scope of this course.

Additionally, almost all structuring decisions buyers and sellers make come down to one critical issue: taxes!

Thus, it’s critical to have a tax lawyer or other tax expert as a member of your deal team.

*Note that we’ll address basic tax considerations in this article, but we don’t purport to be tax experts and don’t intend this course to go deep on complicated tax issues. Please consult your own tax expert, as these issues can result in significant cost and expense for the unwary.* 

Welcome to the sixth session of the free business buying masterclass.


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Business Buying Masterclass Podcast
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