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Session #5: Proprietary Search (Guest Edition)

Session #5: Proprietary Search (Guest Edition)

Want to buy a great business at a discount?

Well then you might need to bypass business brokers and go directly to the source of great businesses: their owners.

But prospective business buyers beware! So-called “proprietary” searching is not for the faint of heart.

And getting an unbrokered transaction across the finish line can be significantly more difficult than acquiring a brokered business.

For most buyers, especially first-timers, conducting a proprietary search should not be a complete substitute to on-market listed businesses. You can, and should, do both!

But many businesses sell off-market. And to give you and your search the best odds of success, there’s no harm in taking an “all of the above” approach.

Our goal in today's session is to offer you a peek into how other successful business buyers are running proprietary searches, supplying you with insights, tools, and strategies required to source premium, off-market businesses.

And to accomplish this, we’ll hear directly from two seasoned proprietary search veterans: Matthew Hinson and Justin Vogt.

Welcome to the fifth session of this free business buying masterclass.


Guest Introductions

Matt Hinson specializes in sourcing, negotiating, and closing transactions for private equity portfolio companies. He personally invests in and advises on micro-private equity deals. Find him on Twitter: @matthewghinson.

Justin Vogt

Justin Vogt, the CEO and Co-Founder of Evermore Industries, a holding company that invests in and operates lower middle market maintenance and repair businesses across the United States, is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur and successful proprietary searcher. Find him on Twitter: @J_M_Vogt.

The Business Buying Masterclass
Business Buying Masterclass Podcast
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